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Physical Computing Library at University of the Arts Bremen

Hello dear tinkerer, this library offers a collection of articles about various electronic components such as sensors and actuators. The idea is to allow both beginners and advanced learners to find one's way. Below you find several topics that might catch your attention. They will redirect you to a specific component which gives you a good starting point to that particular issue. If you are looking for a specific component try to use the search field. Typing in a component id will directly bring up its article.

125Khz RFID Module - UART

Electronic signatures 001

QTR-1RC Reflectance Sensor

Distance between objects 002

Breakout Board for Electret Microphone

Inputs and outputs 004

Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F

Distance between objects 006

Capacitive Touchsensor - AD7746

Sensing and measuring 007


Electronic signatures 009

Logic Level Converter

Inputs and outputs 010

PIR Motion Sensor

Sensing and measuring 012

RFID Reader ID-12

Electronic signatures 013

Music Instrument Shield

Inputs and outputs 016

7-Segment Serial Display (yellow)

Displaying numbers 017

7-Segment Serial Display (green)

Displaying numbers 018

ACS714 Current Sensor Carrier -5 to +5A

Inputs and outpus 019

Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield

movement and direction 020

BlinkM MaxM - I2C Controlled RGB LED

Inputs and outpus 021

Barometric Pressure Sensor - BMP085

Sensing and measuring 022

Cellular Shield with SM5100B

electronic signatures 023

Color LCD Shield

Displaying 024

Humidity Sensor - HIH-4030 Breakout

Inputs and outputs 027

Flex Sensor 4.5

Sensing and measuring 028

FTDI Basic Breakout 5V

inputs and outputs 030

GM10 Mini Gear Motor

Movement and direction 031

Gyro Breakout Board - LPR5150AL

Movement and direction 032

Compass Module - HMC6352

Movement and direction 033

Real Time Clock Module

Electronic signatures 036

RF Link Transmitter - 434MHz

Electronic signatures 037

TellyMate Shield

Electronic signatures 038

FM Radio Module Breakout Board - NS73M

digital signatures 039

Venus GPS Module with SMA Connector

Electronic signatures 041

Voice Recorder Breakout - ISD1932

Inputs and outputs 042

Voicebox Shield

Inputs and outputs 043

H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A

movement and direction 045

Solenoid ZMF-1326d.001 (12VDC)

movement and direction 046

Solenoid ZMF-1326z.001 (12VDC)

movement and direction 047

Solenoid ZMF-2551d.001 (12VDC)

movement and direction 048

Solenoid ZMF-2551z.001 (12VDC)

movement and direction 049

ATTiny 45V-10PU

Inputs and outputs 050

ATTiny 85-20PU

Inputs and outputs 051

Arduino LilyPad

inputs and outputs 054

RFID Glass Capsule (125kHz)

Electronic signatures 057

RFID Card Tag (125kHz)

Electronic signatures 058

RFID Tag Button 16mm - 125kHz

Electronic signatures 059

Stepper Motor 35x36mm 2.7V/1A

movement and direction 063

Stepper Motor 20x30mm 3.9V/1.2A

movement and direction 064

Solenoid 40 006 25A10 24V

movement and direction 066


inputs and outputs 068

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

inputs and outputs 069

Arduino Audio Shield v1.1

inputs and outputs 070

Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC Arduino Shield

electronic signature 071

Teensy 3.1

inputs and outputs 073

FM 433 MHZ RX/TX modul

electronic signature 075

RaspberryPi Touchscreen 2.8

displaying 076

raspberryPI Modell B

inputs and outputs 077

DRV8834 low-voltage stepper driver

movement and direction 079

hall effect sensor 158B

sensing and measuring 080

current sensor ACS711EX 15.5A

sensing and measuring 081

stepper motor 28BYJ-48 5V with driver

movement and direction 082

rotary encoder with wire

sensing and measuring 083

opto coupler 4N27

inputs and outputs 084

muscle wire flexinol

movement and direction 085

NeoPixel Mini 1612B

displaying 086

SD card reader

inputs and outputs 087

Adafruit TFT BoB 1.44

displaying 088

MCP4725 12-Bit DAC I2C

inputs and outputs 090

USB to RS485 breakout

inputs and outputs 091

MP3 trigger robertsonics

inputs and outputs 092

SSC-32 Servoshield (32 Output)

movement and direction 093

Piezo vibration sensor

sensing and measuring 094

Sharp GP2Y0A02 20-150 cm

distance between objects 095

Sharp GP2Y0A21 10-80 cm

distance between objects 096

Sharp digital distance 5cm(2 pcs.)

distance between objects 097

Sharp digital distance 10cm(2 pcs.)

distance between objects 098

Solenoid 5V small

movement and direction 099

Solenoid big

movement and direction 100

Intel Galileo GEN 2

inputs and outputs 102

IOT WiFi Pretzelboard

inputs and outputs 104

SMT test socket TSS OP-28

inputs and outputs 105

DIP 16 test socket

inputs and outputs 106

Samsung 20L203DA5 Display 5V

displaying 107

833H-1C-C Relay

inputs and outputs 108

TDA2030A audio amplifier

inputs and outputs 109

LM7805 voltage regulator

power supply 110

MCE101 microphone with preamp LM368N

input and output 111

Mini Piezo speaker with amplifier LM358N

input and output 112

Arduino Leonardo

inputs and outputs 113